Turkey Roller with Jarlsberg,Arugula and Cranberry Mayonaise
  • Preparation Time: 8
  • Makea 1-12inch roller.
  • 4 0zs. sliced turkey
  • 1 1/2 0zs. arugula2 0zs. Jarlsberg cheese
  • 1 12inch flour tortilla
  • 3 0zs. cranberry mayonaise (recipe follows)
  1. For the cranberry mayonaise: 2 0zs. mayonaise and 1 0z. whole cranberry sauce.
  2. Mix mayonaise and cranberry sauce together until incorporated.
  3. Spread mayonaise over entire tortilla. Lay arugula leaves over bottom third of the tortilla(the section closet to you on the work section). Cover arugula with sliced turkey and cheese. Roll tortilla tightly to form a roulade.
  4. Slice into 6 to 8 pieces and serve.
  5. Note: to add more Holiday color,consider using a red,sundried tortilla.
Found this in the food section of our newspaper. Sounds great and not hard to make.