• Servings: 14
  • 21 oz Lady Fingers (French) or Savoiardi (Italian)
  • 1 1/4 cups Espresso
  • 1/3 Cup Sweet Marsala Wine
  • 12 large eggs or 10 extra large eggs (separated)
  • 1 cup Super Fine or Bakers sugar (Divided)
  • 4 cups Mascarpone Cheese; Softened to room temp (4 - 8oz tubs)
  • 2 cups Heavy Cream
  • Cocao Powder for Dusting
  1. Brew Coffee and let it cool.
  2. In a bowl over simmering water, beat egg yolks and 1/3 cup sugar until pale(If you wish to pasteurize, bring the mixture to 140 degrees)
  3. Remove from heat and pour into a different bowl to stop cooking and let yolks cool.
  4. In a chilled stainless steel bowl, whip the heavy cream to stiff peaks.
  5. Once the yolks have cooled, mix in the mascarpone until homogeneous.
  6. Fold whipped cream into the cooled yolk mixture.
  7. Beat egg whites over barely simmering water until warm, add remaining sugar and a pinch of salt, continue beating until egg whites reach 140 degrees, remove from heat and beat to stiff glossy peaks. (This is similar to a Swiss Meringue)
  8. Gently fold egg whites into Yolk/Cheese mixture.
  9. In a low sided dish, mix the Espresso and Marsala.
  10. Dip the bottom side of each savoiardi in espresso mixture and place upright against the inside of a 10-inch spring form pan rounded side out.
  11. Continue in the fashion until the inside rim is lined with Savoiardi. (This is the hardest part as they like to fall down, once the bottom layer of Savoiardi is down, they will stand without assistance).
  12. Dip both sides of the savoiardi and line the bottom of the pan.
  13. Spread 1/3 of the Cheese/Cream/Egg mixture over the savoiardi then dust with cocoa powder.
  14. Dip more Savoiardi in espresso mixture and lay down another layer.
  15. Spread 1/2 of the remaining Cheese/Cream/Egg over the savoiardi and dust with more cocoa.
  16. Complete a third layer of dipped savoiardi and spread the remaining Cheese/Cream/Egg mixture over.
  17. WAIT to sprinkle with cocoa until right before serving or it will bleed while chilling.
  18. Cover with plastic and chill for 12 hours or overnight.
  19. Before serving, sprinkle the top with cocoa powder.
  20. Loosen spring form and gently work the ring over the top.
  21. The savoiardi around the outside not only hold everything in place like a cake, but also aides in portioning.
  22. Serves about 14 in 2 Savoiardi portions
This recipe came out of a lot of internet research after trying way too many restaurant versions made with Rum or Brandy. You can forgo the Spring form pan presentation and simply layer in a 13x9 baking dish. This will use only about 20 oz of lady fingers.