Randy's S'cream Cheese from Yogurt
  • About 1 cup yogurt
  1. Place a coffee filter in a sieve, (don't use metal with the yogurt, or let it touch metal for any length of time) Place over cup or bowl and drain for several hours.
  2. I use a Melitta plastic coffee filter (with a filter in place), then put the whole thing over a cup or bowl. Depending on how much yogurt you start with as to how much draining it will do.
  3. For Cream Cheese, let it drain for several hours, for sour cream, do not drain it as long, it will be a softer cheese.
You can make cream cheese from your homemade yogurt. I put the yogurt into a melitta coffee filter, with a filter, let it drain for several hours. You wouldn't think that the filter would drain any of the whey off, but it does! Don't throw away the whey, use it as liquid in bread, smoothies, pour it over your pet's food, or like I do with some of it, feed it to my chickens, they go crazy for it. It is very good for you and your pets. The longer you let it drain the thicker it will be. I use is for sour cream, and for cream cheese, you can mix jelly, jam, sprinkle with cinnamon, add a little honey, just let your imagination go.....