Pudding yummy-mess
  • 1 pk instant pudding (i use the sf french vanilla or sf white chocolate)
  • 2 1/2 cups milk (i use 2% fat free milk)
  • cookies / scones / donuts / graham crackers etc. (i use 5 pineapple creme filled cookies, 3 blueberry mini scones, 1 lil debbies donut stick or strawberry short cake)
  1. beat pudding mix with milk with wisk (or beater) for about 2 mins.
  2. set pudding mix aside
  3. coarsely break up all your add-in goodies
  4. add goodies to pudding, mix well to ensure even coating
  5. put in fridge for 30mins-1 hour (this allows the fixin's to get nice and soft)
  6. diiiiiig in
I absolutely love pudding, and i love banana pudding, so one day i thought i like the way nilla waffers taste, how about graham crackers and oreos. before i knew it, i was making all KINDS of concoctions.