Michelle Losey's Chicken Soup
  • Servings: 5
  • A large stock pot 3/4's full of water
  • 3 chicken wings, legs or thighs ( Bone in w/ skin off preferably) (can use turkey or rabbit instead of chicken)
  • Lipton, Wylers or Ramen noodle seasoning pkts to taste
  • Chicken bullion cubes 5-8 aprox (depends on your tastes)
  • Some celery leaves and 1/2 a stalk
  • Parsley flakes about 5 shakes or a lil more
  • Cilantro flakes couple shakes
  • 3 yellow cooking onions peeled and cut in 1/2 (I like them whole better) If you have fresh chives growing add a handful a decrease onion by 1
  • 2 large potatoes for each person eating cut in large bite size pieces
  • 2 large carrots for each person eating cut in bite size chunks
  • Leftover cut up chicken
  • 1 clove garlic or garlic powder
  • 2-3 handfuls wide egg noodles (amount varies depending on amount of available broth)
  • Opt: leftover cooked dry beans add before noodles
  • Opt: rutabaga, add w/ potatoes
  • Opt: mushrooms, add w/ onion
  • Opt: cabbage add in beginning
  • Opt: Snow peas/ garden peas, broccoli, brussle sprouts add in preboil w/ carrots
  • Opt: Use full fat organic milk instead of water in stockpot or 1/2 water 1/2 milk for a creamy broth (if using milk be careful not to scald the milk!)
  1. Put chicken, celery leaves, parsley flakes, cilantro, 3 Ramen seasoning pkgs, 3 bullion cubes and onions into pot
  2. Bring to a boil then simmer for 'bout 1 hr
  3. Take out chicken and any globs left over from the chicken. Let cool a bit then pull meat off the bone and add meat back into the pot
  4. Add 2 more pkgs Ramen seasoning and taste (you want it just a tad salty because potatoes will soak up some of the salt but dont add too much salt!!!)
  5. Add a couple more chicken bullion if needed
  6. Add potatoes to pot
  7. In separate pot boil the carrots in small amount of water (like 2-3 TBSP's) for bout 10 mins strain and add to soup (carrots can add bitter taste to soup so thats why the preboil)
  8. Add leftover chicken
  9. Cont simmering until veggies are soft
  10. Add egg noodles (don't add too many or they will soak up all the broth!!!)
  11. Simmer for 'bout 3 more mins than shut off heat. Let it sit 'till noodles are done (by shutting off heat it helps the noodles not turn to mush be careful not to stir to hard too)
  12. *Options: Add a lil minced garlic to your cup or bowl before adding soup for additional health benefits. Can use this recipe for turkey or rabbit soup too. Some people add a few shakes of pepper. NOT me! I don't like pepper in my soup but its said to help w/congestion
  13. *NOTE: Make sure to cup hands around cup and breath in steam for a few mins if your congested.
Bone soups are very good for you and chicken soups are still used as medicine in many households including ours! This version,my mothers version 'Barb Fankhauser's chicken soup' And my Great Grandmas "Linda Williamson's Carcass Soup" are very good for colds and flu! It even helps sick animals by the dropperful :)