Hang-over cure: wheat grass juice
  • shot of wheat grass
  1. If you are hung over, a double shot of wheat grass is all you need to make you feel better. (Well perhaps start with a single shot and work your way up to a double shot.) They sell it at health food places, but more commonly at smoothie joints.
  2. When you order it, tell them not to rinse it (this just waters it down) but make sure they don't cut too close to the root so that you aren't drinking dirt with your wheat grass juice.
  3. If you know you are going to be drinking ahead of time, you can even go buy it and store it in your fridge for the next morning.
  4. Drink it fast (like a shot) and enjoy the rest of your day!
Ok so I guess this is more of a tip than it is a recipe. I worked at a smoothie place in college on many a Sunday morning and trust me when I say, this works!