Eggs Benedict
  • Servings: 4
  • Hollandaise Sauce (recipe follows)
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 English muffins
  • Butter
  • 4 slices Canadian bacon
  1. Prepare Hollandaise and keep warm. Poach 4 eggs until of desired doneness. Keep eggs warm. Preheat broiler. Split muffins; spread each half lightly with butter. Place, buttered side up, on broiling pan, with bacon alongside. Broil until muffin halves are toasted and bacon is heated through. On heated platter, place bacon on each muffin half; top each with a poached egg. Generously spoon Hollandaise Sauce over eggs.
  2. Poached Eggs: Lightly grease a saucepan or deep skillet. Pour in 1 1/2-inches water; over high heat, heat to boiling add 1 tsp. kosher salt and 1 tsp. vinegar, and reduce to heat to low, simmering. Break the egg into a saucer and gently slip it into the simmering water. Repeat with the other eggs; when whites turn opaque, remove pan from heat and cover with lid for 3 min. Remove cooked eggs from the liquid with slotted spoon. Drain in spoon over paper towels.
This recipe comes from an old edition of Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook