Creamy Dutch Pea Soup (or Bean) Linda Williamson's Recipe
  • Bone in Ham (or bone in ham slices) and 1 lb Kielbasa thick sliced about 2 inch's (cut after cooked) or use all kielbasa bout 3 lbs (thats what I do most of the time) (my grandma added a ham hock too)
  • 1 yellow cooking onions peeled and 1/4rd
  • *Opt: Add cabbage
  • Dried peas (or dried beans)
  • A small handful celery leaves
  • 1 yellow cooking onion chopped
  • 3-4 potatoes peeled and cut into bite sized chunks
  • 3-4 carrots peeled and cut in bite size chunks
  • Salt and pepper *Opt: can use chicken boullion or raman soup seasoning pkts in place of some of the salt.
  • Butter
  • Pinch of sugar
  1. To measure how many peas you need fill stock pot w/out large straining basket 1/3- 1/2 full of peas then dump them in batches into strainer rinse well and put in bowl repeat till all peas are rinsed. Wash and dry your stock pot
  2. Add Hot/ or boiling water to peas about an inch or two above peas. Set aside for a bit to cool dwn a lil. Put in fridge to soak overnight *NOTE: DO NOT PUT PEAS IN METAL BOWL TO SOAK AS IT SOMETIMES TARNISHES THE PAN AND MAKES SOUP A LIL OFF TASTING!!!
  3. Put deep strainer in stock pot (if you have the combo if not just add to stock pot)
  4. Put ham and onions in strainer in the stock pot add water to pot about 1/2 - 2/3 full and bring to a boil skim off any foamy stuff and cook on medium - low heat you want a light boil for about 1 hr Add kielbasa cook about 1/2 hr or until meat is cooked through Watch water lvl so it don't boil away! Add more if needed to keep everything covered.
  5. If adding cabbage add it when you add kielbasa
  6. When hams and Kielbasa are done just lift strainer basket up to strain liquid back into pot (if you don't have the strainer combo I posted above you'll need another stock pot or very large bowl cuz you need to keep all the broth so strain reserving the broth which ever way you use)
  7. Put ham and kielbasa on plate and cover with tin foil then put in fridge
  8. Put Cabbage and onion in a bowl use for cabbage and noodles side dish. If not using cabbage just dump onions back in pot
  9. Put stock pot broth into bowl and put in fridge
  10. Next day (Start early!)
  11. Strain peas and put in stock pot without the strainer basket
  12. Cover w/ broth add more water if needed
  13. Add celery leaves and chopped onion
  14. Bring to a boil then turn dwn to low heat to just simmer
  15. Taste broth add salt and pepper to taste I don't use more than a few shakes of pepper but do add alot of salt if needed *Opt: can use chicken boullion in place of some of the salt
  16. In 1 skillet add potatoes 2 tsp butter, about 1/4 cup of water and a few shakes of salt
  17. Cook till starting to get done and slightly browned in butter
  18. In another skillet add 1/4 cup water, pinch of sugar, 2 tsp butter, dash of salt and carrots
  19. Cook 'till almost done. Do not brown carrots but do roll around in butter a min or 2
  20. Put potatoes and carrots in a bowl together cover and set aside
  21. Stir soup often you don't want it to burn at all or you will ruin the whole batch!!!
  22. If water boils down before peas are done add more water
  23. Cut pieces of ham in chunks about as big as kielbasa and set aside
  24. After peas are done simmer out the water and smash peas on side of pan as you stir
  25. When at the thickness you like add potatoes, carrots, ham and kielbasa
  26. Simmer and stir until everything is warmed back up and veggies are done
  27. *NOTE: Since soup needs stirred often do the rest cutting up and other prep near the soup pan so you can stir often enough or have older child stir it for you when your busy w/ other stuff
  28. *TRICK: To get it thick enough to stand a spoon in it..... After peas are done and you start to simmer it dwn put in baking pan take hand masher and mash peas up a bit then Bake at 350F Still gotta stir but not as often when it gets to right consistency add your veggies and meat stir in and cont to bake 'till veggies and meat are warmed back up. When you take it out of oven let it sit for awhile before serving *NOTE Don't overcook it will turn to cement LOL remember it thickens as it cools!
This recipe comes from my Dutch great grandma :) This is a traditional Dutch recipe! It's suppose to be slow cooked stirring often until it becomes thick enough to stand spoon in it. Served w/ homemade bread it is quite a filling meal! I personally like it a lil thinner. Still thick! Never thin by no means!!! Just not so thick the spoon stands up. If making Bean soup just change the peas to beans! This Bean soup recipe became popular in the New England states as the immigrants 1st landed in the New England area. It is still popular there and in the midwest :) There are alot of different kinds of dried beans you can use find one you like or experiment by mixing all different kinds :) or mix peas and beans together. *NOTE: Try to use unfluoridated water 'cuz peas and beans pick up alot of fluoride!