Chicken whole meal in 1 skillet
  • evoo
  • chicken (boneless/skinless)
  • onion, carrots, celery & broccoli
  • 1 C bulgur
  • 2 C chicken stock
  • salt & pepper
  1. Put some evoo in a skillet to heat up. Cut up 2-4 chicken breasts.
  2. Place in skillet to brown / until chicken becomes white.
  3. While that is cooking, wash, peel & cut your carrots & other veggies, add to pan when prepared.
  4. Add your chicken stock, s&p & bulgur.
  5. Cover pan, cook on Medium for 30 minutes
This is one of those "eyeball it" recipes. This recipe came again from PBS, again, one of their asking for money cooking shows. It did not have a name, or I did not hear it, so I have given it a title.