Angel Food Cake w/ Strawberries and Cool Whip
  • 1 large premade Angel food cake
  • 4 cont. frozen strawberries (or more) thawed
  • *Option: Add 2-3 cont. strawberries and 1-2 bags blueberries (my fav!)
  • 3 large tubs cool whip
  • sugar
  1. Put berries in large bowl and add sugar until its the right sweetness for you (that's why I didn't add amount 'cuz everybody's sugar tastes vary)
  2. Cut Angel food cake in 1/2 so you have a top and a bottom
  3. Poke bottom side w/ a fork and add a layer of strawberries
  4. On top side frost inside w/ cool whip
  5. Place cool whip side onto strawberry layer
  6. In center layer strawberries and cool whip ending w/ cool whip
  7. Frost whole cake w/ cool whip
  8. Top w/ strawberries
  9. Chill in fridge for several hrs
  10. Serve w/ berries and juice over it and a spoon or 2 of coolwhip
  11. (I usually put bowl of berries out and let people add as much as they want)
A favorite Birthday cake for alot of my family :) Adding blueberries makes a good 4th of July red white and blue cake!