Eat It Now
  • Cooking Time: Optional
  • Servings: 1
  • Preparation Time: 3 minutes
  • This sandwich can be made on any bread , but I used sourdough .
  • One roasted chicken breast
  • One hot looking avacodo ( reminder ... take spilling lessons )
  • Beefsteak tomatos
  • Fontina and Provalone cheese
  • Frosty brew
  • One place to take a nap
  1. The only real prep I did was to smash the avacodo with a fork to prevent sliding . The rest is done as quick as possible , because you gotta eat it now . I did'nt slice the Fontina , I just put it on and dinner was served . Slapping together sandwiches with what you got is just about the best thing going . It won't win you any awards , or solve the world's woes , but when it hits that sweet spot ... man that's good . It was so good , in fact , that I decide to pass it on . Peace be with you all .
I came home one day with a severe case of munchies . The day had passed me by outside while I sat in a dreary board room , and all they catered was some crappy Pizza Hut and a few crusty smelling sodas . So , I was completely ready to just throw in the towel and eat a sandwich ... well , there was salvation in the form of a roasted chicken breast , some veggies and the most beautiful avacodo (sp?) I've ever seen in my life . God blessed me with a small sliver of Fontina and one ... last ...slice of Provalone . Yes ! My Heineken tray was also full , baby !